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New solar narrowboat

solar narrowboat

Our latest project, a 55 foot narrowboat, is silently cruising the waterways. High efficiency solar panels cover most of the cabin roof. Two horse power of solar power and a one ton battery drive a ten horse power motor. The boat is capable of one hundred miles a week without a drop of fuel, setting new standards in low-effort travelling for the 21st century.

Electric boat propulsion

electric motor

The Solar Boat Company have designed, supplied and installed electric propulsion systems for canal boats. We have worked with boat builders and boat owners to create electric narrowboats and barges used for cruising, as passenger boats or low impact homes. The Solar Boat Co are no longer carrying out installations. Performance measurements, design tips and equipment lists will be published on this site.

2012 end of the ICE age

fuel price graph

The age of the Internal Combustion Engine is coming to end. Fuel prices have doubled in five years and solar panel prices are half of the 2010 price. There has never been a better time to install solar power on board. The payback period is less than 2 years compared to running a generator or engine. Each 100 Watt panel can save over 55 litres of fuel per year for many decades!